About Us

Houston GPS’ mission is to improve education outcomes for students in Houston by selecting, supporting, and electing school board leaders who commit to ensuring there is a great public school in every neighborhood.

Houston parents, voters, and elected leaders will act to create and maintain excellent public schools in every neighborhood.

GPS Core Values


GPS will only support policies and leaders who put the academic needs of students first in all decision making.


GPS will set a high bar for education leadership, communicate it clearly, and demand education leaders meet those expectations.

Elections are the first step in holding leaders accountable, not the last. We will organize voters, parents, and community members to advocate for a student-centered agenda and hold school district trustees accountable for the decisions they make during their terms.


GPS will invest in local communities and local leaders to empower them to advocate directly to decision makers.

GPS will engage communities and educate voters to understand the issues, participate in the electoral process, and have a voice in selecting the people who will make decisions on their behalf.


GPS will develop a lasting community demand for change that spans multiple school districts, policy priorities, and election cycles.


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