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Great school boards drive student success

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Great school boards drive student success

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We educate the public about the roles and responsibilities of school board members and hold school boards accountable for student and community outcomes.

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Read our thoughts on current events in Houston public school education and all things school board.

Defining Equity in HISD

In order to help realize our vision of equity in HISD, Houston GPS compiled 8 recommendations to help shape a district-wide definition of equity in HISD.

Districts of Innovation

Becoming a District of Innovation would allow HISD to implement changes that could help address achievement gaps and put HISD students on track with other districts. 

Our Strategy

If the voting public knows exactly what is expected of school board members and how well they are doing, then school districts will operate more effectively. We will carry out our mission through three core strategies:

  1. Educating the public about what it means to be an effective school board member;
  2. Rating existing school board members on their effectiveness;
  3. Endorsing school board candidates who demonstrate the ability to be great district leaders.