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2021 HISD Runoff Elections

Myrna Guidry

District IX Trustee

Mark Your Calendars for December 11

Thank you to everyone that voted in the Houston ISD elections, but our work is not done yet. Runoff elections in HISD Board of Education Districts I, V, VI, and VII are scheduled for December 11, 2021. Below you can find the candidates Houston GPS endorses for the runoff races, along with resources to help you navigate HISD school board elections.
Congratulations to Myrna Guidry, our endorsed candidate in District IX, for her outright victory. Thank you to Trustee Guidry for continuing to serve our students. 

Houston GPS Endorsed Runoff Candidates

Houston GPS has endorsed the following candidates because we believe that they best represent our five core values: impact, equity, stewardship, collaboration, and leadership. To learn more about each endorsed candidate, click their photo below.

HISD School Board Runoff Election Resources

Find Your HISD School Board District

You can check which HISD district you live in and see if your trustee seat is up for election this year online here (your district number is the Houston ISD Position listed under info). Districts I, V, VI, VII, and IX (positions 1, 5, 6, 7, and 9) are up for election.

Polling Locations and Early Voting Dates

Harris County now has Countywide Polling Centers that allow you to vote at any polling location on election day. To find more information about polling locations, visit here. Early voting will be available from Nov. 22 – Dec. 7. To find information about early voting hours and locations, visit here.

Voter ID Requirements and Voting by Mail

You will need a valid form of ID to vote. To see accepted forms of ID and what to do if you cannot reasonably obtain an ID, visit here. Some voters are eligible to vote by mail. To see if you are eligible and to learn the procedure for voting by mail, visit here.