Houston ISD Board of Education

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) is governed by The Board of Education, which is made up of nine trustees representing districts across HISD. The board is responsible for setting policy for the district, overseeing the budget, and setting/monitoring student outcome goals. Each Trustee serves a four year term and is elected by the citizens of his or her district. The board meets at 5:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month, and every meeting is open to the public. To learn more about the board, visit its website.

HISD Board of Education quick facts:

  • The board serves 278 schools and 209,023 students.
  • Of those students, almost 75% are economically disadvantaged.
  • About 100 languages are spoken by students across HISD.
  • The board manages a budget of about $1.9 billion.
  • Trustees serve 4-year terms.
  • Elections for the school board happen every odd year, rotating between the east districts and the west districts.

Mission: The Board of Education’s mission is to equitably educate the whole child so that every student graduates with the tools to reach their full potential.

Vision: Every child shall have equitable opportunities and equal access to an effective and personalized education in a nurturing and safe environment. Our students will graduate as critical thinkers and problem solvers; they will know and understand how to be successful in a global society.

Current Student Outcome Goals:

  1. The percentage of students reading and writing at or above grade level for grade 3 through English II will increase by 3 percentage points annually between spring 2017 and spring 2020.
  2. The percentage of graduates meeting the Global Graduate standards will increase 3 percentage points annually per year from the 2017 baseline up to 85% by 2022.
  3. Among students who exhibit below satisfactory performance on state assessments, the percentage who demonstrate at least one year of academic growth will increase 3 percentage points annually in reading and in math between spring 2017 and spring 2020.

Current Constraints:

  1. The superintendent shall not permit the district to operate without a community school and feeder pattern framework, including a definition, processes, and goals.
  2. The superintendent shall not require teachers to administer more than two district-created assessments per semester.
  3. The superintendent shall not allow achievement gaps for student groups, including African-American, Hispanic, economically disadvantaged students, students receiving special education services, and English language learners (ELLs), to increase in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  4. The superintendent will not allow struggling schools to operate without highly qualified leaders and teachers in core subjects.

Emergency Constraints:

  1. The superintendent will not operate without addressing the social and emotional needs of all students.
  2. The superintendent will not operate without addressing the health and safety needs of all students.
  3. The superintendent will not operate without engaging all students in learning.
  4. The superintendent will not operate without protecting the health and safety of employees.

To learn more about the HISD Board of Education’s vision and goals for the school district, visit their website. 

As part of Houston GPS’s work in advocating for effective school board governance, we attend each school board meeting and grade the trustees on our five core values: impact, collaboration, stewardship, equity, and leadership. See our rating chart to see each trustee’s overall rating over time. To learn more about our ratings, see our Mission and Core Values and our grading rubric. For a look at the board’s voting history and time sent on student outcomes, take a look at our accountability trackers.

To find out which trustee represents you, see our district map or visit the Harris County Tax Office’s Voter Precinct Street Guide and look for the Houston ISD position number. If our map is not rendering properly, please refresh the webpage.