Letter from Executive Director

Dear Friend,

We are at an unprecedented time for public education in Houston.  Failing schools and ineffective school governance compelled the state to remove Houston ISD’s elected and administrative leadership and appoint a board of managers and new superintendent.  I am confident in saying absolutely no one wanted to be in the position we are today.   

However, when I take stock of this moment I see extraordinary potential. We can and must build a movement that unapologetically demands great public schools and builds electoral pressure to improve student achievement. 

It is this potential that inspired me to step into the role of executive director for Houstonians for Great Public Schools (Houston GPS) and work alongside each of you to identify, support, and elect school board leaders who commit to ensuring there is a great public school in every neighborhood. 

Our work is more critical than ever.  We must: 

  • Set a high bar for education leadership and demand leaders meet those expectations.
  • Invest in parents and train more community leaders, empowering them to lead the public discussion on education in our city.
  • Develop a lasting community demand for excellence in our public schools that spans multiple school districts and election cycles.

We have a vision and we have a roadmap, but that alone won’t get us there.  Our audacious undertaking will become a reality only if we come together in this effort. 

Join us in upending the status quo.  Join us in putting students first and always.

 It won’t be easy, but our students, and our city, are worth it. 


Veronica Garcia, Executive Director



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