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Trustee Report Cards

August 13, 2020

Monthly Summary

On Thursday, August 13, the Houston ISD School Board met for its monthly public meeting. Although the board discussed several items at this meeting, they chose to delay votes on approving the formation of a District of Innovation committee and on approving the Superintendent’s progress measures for their emergency constraints. While the District of Innovation item will be brought to the board next month, the trustees convened again on Thursday, August 20, to consider the emergency constraint progress measures. These progress measures are offered by the Superintendent as a way to ensure that the District is on track to meet its temporary goals for student safety and learning over the next 4-5 months. Implementing goals and constraints and supporting the monitoring process is one of the School Board’s most important duties, especially in a time of distance/virtual learning. Unfortunately, the board and administration did not reach a consensus on the progress measures during the week between the two meetings. This item will be brought up again at agenda review on September 3. Given that the school year begins for students on September 8, we hope the district will be able to implement progress measures that will effectively track student safety and learning.