District I

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District I Quick Facts:

  • Total Students: 31,283
  • Percentage of HISD Students in District (2018-2019): 15%
  • Neighborhoods Served: Garden Oaks, Near Northside, Northline and The Heights
  • Total Schools: 39
  • Number of IR Campuses (2019-2020): 2
  • Current Trustee: Elizabeth Santos
  • Next Election: 2021

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Elizabeth Santos

Elizabeth Santos has been the District I trustee since January 2018, and will be up for election in 2021. Elizabeth graduated from Sam Houston High School in HISD, and previously attended Janowski Elementary School, Herrera Elementary School, and Burbank Middle School. She earned her associates degree from Houston Community College and her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Houston-Downtown.

Elizabeth taught in HISD for nine years at Sam Houston High School and Northside High School. She is also involved with organizations like Community Voices for Public Education, Houston Area Progressives, the Texas Organizing Project, Boards, and Commissions Leadership Institute, the Mexican-American Emerging Leaders Organization, and American Jewish Committee. To learn more about Elizabeth, visit the HISD Board website.

As part of Houston GPS’s work in advocating for effective school board governance, we attend each school board meeting and grade the trustees on our five core values: impact, collaboration, stewardship, equity, and leadership. See our rating chart for Elizabeth Santos below to see her ratings over time. To learn more about our ratings, see our Mission and Core Values and our grading rubric.

Email Elizabeth Santos at [email protected].

Elementary Schools:

  • Arabic Immersion Program
  • Barrick
  • Benbrook
  • Browning
  • Burbank
  • De Chaumes
  • Durham
  • Durkee
  • Farias ECC
  • Field
  • Garden Oaks Montessori (PK-8)
  • Harvard
  • Helms
  • Herrera
  • Janowski
  • Jefferson
  • Ketelsen
  • Looscan
  • Love
  • Lyons
  • Martinez C
  • Moreno
  • Northline
  • Roosevelt
  • Travis
  • Wainwright

Middle Schools:

  • Burbank
  • Clifton
  • Fonville
  • Hamilton
  • Harper DAEP (6-12)
  • Hogg
  • Marshall

High Schools: 

  • Heights
  • Houston MSTC
  • North Houston Early College
  • Northside
  • Scarborough
  • Waltrip

Download our infographic below!