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Ambassador Program

Coming Summer 2021

Ambassador Program


Houstonians for Great Public Schools (Houston GPS) seeks Ambassadors to help promote the work of the organization and to advocate for strong school board leadership. Ambassadors are community volunteers and members of Houston GPS who will spread awareness of the importance of having a school board that demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of education for all kids. Ambassadors volunteer their time, serving as spokespeople for Houston GPS at various functions, and work in the community to support civic activities, like voting and speaking at school board meetings. Ambassadors know that if the community demands great public schools, school board trustees can and will deliver.

The Urgency

Currently, Houston struggles to meet the educational needs of all its children, and as of 2015, only 15% of Houston’s public school students met college readiness standards. Fewer than one in four completed any kind of postsecondary education or training. Every student deserves the opportunity to an excellent education, and we need school districts that prepare all children for future success.

Houston GPS believes that proper governance is a necessary part of a thriving public school system. Close examination of successful school districts shows us that School Board members must embody and consistently demonstrate a commitment to Impact, Leadership, Collaboration, Equity, and Stewardship. These five characteristics also form the core values of our organization. When school board members exhibit these characteristics, their work will result in improved student outcomes.

Ambassador Program

Your Impact

As spokespeople for Houston GPS, Ambassadors are grassroots volunteers who will always advocate for the high performance of school board trustees. Their efforts to spread awareness of good governance will lead to a more effective school board. We know that more effective school boards will both provide public school students with more opportunities for success and improve the quality of education in the greater Houston region.



  • Understand and actively engage in the mission of Houston GPS
  • Educate your network and community and spread awareness on:
    • Roles and responsibilities of school board members
    • Characteristics of good governance
    • School board elections and how to vote
  • Recruit other Houston GPS Ambassadors
  • Represent Houston GPS at:
    • Community events in Houston
    • Board meetings
    • Various organizations
  • Volunteer for endorsed candidates
  • Rate and review leadership of school board members after meetings


  • Minimum one-year commitment to the Houston GPS Ambassador Program
  • Attend at least 3 board meetings every school year
  • Volunteer at least for 5 hours for our endorsed candidates


  • Dedicated to improving the quality of public education in Houston
  • Passionate about supporting strong leaders
  • Comfortable speaking to groups and individuals
  • Ability to speak in alignment with the Houston GPS’s mission and core values
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Reliable transportation

Training and Support

  • Training will occur twice a year (fall and winter) before each school semester
  • At the trainings, Ambassadors will learn how to:
    • Represent Houston GPS and communicate information about the organization and mission
    • Identify characteristics of good governance and effective leadership
    • Actively participate in local government
    • Effectively engage voters and other stakeholders in pressing issues
    • Advocate for improvement in public education
  • Ambassadors will be fully supported throughout their tenure
  • Voter registrar certification will occur in the winter training

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