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Key Agenda Items

Board Of Education Meeting Agenda

December 13, 2018


There were 4 last-minute agenda items added to the Board Agenda for the December 13th meeting.

    B.3 – Request For Proposal for Senate Bill 1882 Turnaround and Innovation Partnerships

    This agenda item allows the interim superintendent to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) so that nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, or governmental organizations may consider submitting proposals for turnaround partnerships and innovation partnerships. HISD has four schools that could potentially trigger state sanctions due to continued Improvement Required status. An 1882 turnaround partnership could prevent sanctions by giving control of some or all of these IR schools to a partner organization.

    B.4 – Open Search for HISD Superintendent

    The superintendent search firm – Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates (HYA) – is assisting the Board with its search for a new HISD superintendent.  The Board could either conduct an open or closed search.  This agenda item recommends that the Board conduct an open search for a superintendent.

    B.5 – Selection of a Coach to help the HISD Board

    The Board must approve the selection of a coach to help them with Lone Star Governance and other governance and team-building matters.  The help from this coach would focus on improving student outcomes for all students in HISD.  A.J. Crabill, the TEA deputy commissioner, is one of the individuals being considered to be their coach.

    B.6 – Resolution Relating to Gang Activity in Houston

    The HISD Board is asked to approve a resolution to improve efforts to combat gang activity in Houston.

    *More details on each item can be found below the list.

    • (B.1) Lone Star Governance Training for the Community
    • (B.2) Board Audit Committee Report and Recommendations
    • (I.1) Vendor Awards for Purchases
    • (I.2) Donations Greater Than $5,000 for HISD
    • (I.3) Grants Greater Than $5,000 for HISD
    • (J.1) 2019 Audit Plan Approval
    • (K.1) Revisions to Board Policy on Educational Philosophy – Second Reading

    Impact (I), Leadership (L), Equity (E), Stewardship (S), Collaboration (C)

    B.1 HISD Board to Host and Lead a Lone Star Governance Training for the HISD Community  (L, C, S)

    Created by the Texas Education Agency, Lone Star Governance (LSG) provides guidance for Texas school board members with the primary focus of improving student outcomes. The HISD Board is interested in hosting and leading an LSG training for the HISD community in order to improve communication between the board and community. The training is scheduled to occur March 2019.

    B.2 Board Audit Committee Offers Report and Recommendations for the Board to Accept and Approve (I, L, S)

    The Board must approve the state legislative agenda before each legislative session. This legislative agenda includes recommendations to 1) reform school finance and reduce recapture, 2) improve school safety and security, and 3) address accountability ratings and sanctions. Regarding school finance and recapture, HISD urges the state to reduce recapture, fully fund full day Pre-K, and provide Hurricane Harvey relief funds for public schools. Regarding school safety and security, HISD is advocating for additional funds from the state. Regarding the accountability ratings and sanctions, HISD is recommending that the threshold for state-imposed takeovers or closures should be percentage-based rather than numerical.

    I.1 Vendor Awards for Purchases over $100,000 (S, L)

    The Board needs to approve vendor awards greater than $100,000 and ratify vendor awards under $100,000.

    Vendors: Fiesta Marts; Brandt Constructors & Facility Services: Just Construction; Post Oak Construction; Westco Ventures, LLC; Automated Logic; Climatec; Control Products; Johnson Controls, Inc.; Johnstone Supply; Unify; Jacobsen Division of Textron Inc.; Turf Equipment & Supplies; Alert Services, Inc.; NAO Global Health LLC; School Health Cooperation; School Nurse Supply; Sterlington Medical; PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc; The Sherwin-Williams Company; Just Construction; Milam & Co Painting, Inc; Post Oak Construction; Quadra Mind Enterprises, Inc; Westco Ventures, LLC; Platinum Preferred Healthcare Network, PLLC; USI Southwest, Inc; Lawson Products; Transfinder Corporation; SHI Government Solutions, Inc.; Carolina Biological Supply; ExpoTech USA; Flinn Scientific; Frey Scientific; Pasco Scientific; Possible Mission, Inc.; ThermoFisher Scientific; VWR/Sargent Welch; DISA Global Solutions, Inc.; Mega Lab Services; Canon U.S.A., Inc.; Kyocera Document Solutinos America, Inc.; Ricoh USA, Inc.; Xerox Corporation; Oki Data Americas, Inc.; Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.; Brother International Corporation; Lexmark International, Inc.; Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.; Flores and Associates; Paleteria El Pibe

    I.2 Donations for Districtwide and School-Specific Programs (S, L)

    All donations greater than $5,000 must be approved by the HISD Board of Education.

    Donors: Robert Bunge and Dianne Murata; Wharton Dual Language Academy PTO; Foundation for Teen Health

    I.3 Grant Funds in Support of Districtwide and School-Specific Programs (S, L)

    All grant funds greater than $5,000 must be approved by the HISD Board of Education.

    Grantors: Direct Energy via the HISD Foundation; Hess Signature Education Fund via HISD Foundation; United Way of Greater Houston via HISD Foundation

    J.1 2019 Audit Plan (I, L, S)

    Trustee Flynn Vilaseca Ocampo, the chair of the Board Audit Committee, asked the chief audit executive to prepare and submit an audit plan for 2019. The Board must approve the 2019 audit plan.

    K.1 Board Policy on Education Philosophy (L)

    The Board must approve the proposed revisions to Board Policy on Educational Philosophy. In August 2017, the Board adopted goals, goal progress measures, constraints, and a calendar in accordance with the Lone Star Governance continuous improvement model. Since a year of reporting has passed, these revisions reflect the updated goals, goal progress measures, constraints, and a new calendar for the upcoming reporting cycle.

    Other agenda items to be voted on during the meeting:

    • (H.1) The Board must authorize the superintendent to negotiate, execute, and amend a contract for the construction of practice pool facilities at Charles Milby HS, Booker T Washington HS, and Jack Yates HS.
    • (H.2) The Board must authorize the superintendent to negotiate, execute, and amend a construction contract with Gadberry General Contracting & Construction for the addition of three classroom at Thomas Pilgrim Academy.
    • (H.3) The Board must authorize the superintendent to negotiate, execute, amend an agreement with the SPARK Program for the improvement and construction of SPARK Parks at various campuses.
    • (I.4) The Board must approve the resolution and ordinance adopting a 20% penalty on tax year 2018 tangible personal property taxes that become delinquent on or after February 1, 2019.
    • (I.5) The Board must ratify the use of the Self-Insurance Recovery Fund for Fleming MS.
    • (I.6) The Board must ratify the use of the Self-Insurance Recovery Fund for Wilson Montessori School.
    • (I.7) The Board must adopt the resolution approving the Cash Management and Investment Policy and the authorized list of brokers and dealers to provide investment training to the district.
    • (I.8) The Board must approve the 2018 Certified Appraisal Roll and 2018 Calculated Tax Roll.