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Key Agenda Items

Board Of Education Meeting Agenda

June 14, 2018

*More details on each item can be found below the list.

  • (D.1) Donations Greater Than $5,000 for HISD
  • (D.2) Grants Greater Than $5,000 for HISD
  • (F.1) 2018-2019 Code of Student Conduct
  • (F.3) Contract Charter Schools for the 2018-2019 School Year
  • (G.1) Teach Forward Houston Initiative Program
  • (I.1) Vendor Awards for Purchases
  • (I.2) 2018-2019 Resource Allocation Handbook

Impact (I), Leadership (L), Equity (E), Stewardship (S), Collaboration (C)

D.1 Donations for Districtwide and School-Specific Programs (S, L)

All donations greater than $5,000 must be approved by the HISD Board of Education.

Donors: Houston Texans; Greater Houston Community Foundation c/o XQ The Super School Project; Goldman Sachs Gives via HISD Foundation; City of Houston Health Department; The Center for Afterschool, Summer, and Enrichment for Kids (CASE for Kids), a division of Harris County Department of Education; The Asia Society; Project Lead the Way, Inc. (PLTW) in partnership with Chevron Houston; TEA

D.2 Grant Funds in Support of Districtwide and School-Specific Programs (S, L)

All grant funds greater than $5,000 must be approved by the HISD Board of Education.

Grantors: The University of Texas Health Science Centers; The State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts; Raise Your Hand for Texas Education Fund; TEA; Greater Houston Community Foundation c/o XQ The Super School Project; Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) through the U.S. Department of Education

F.1 Approval of the 2018-2019 Code of Student Conduct (I, L, E)

The Board needs to approve the Code of Student Conduct for the 2018-2019 school year. The Code contains the expectations for student behavior in HISD and specifies disciplinary consequences available to district administrators in response to student misconduct. Some of the changes to the Code include: an updated definition of bullying, an updated procedure for reporting and investigating bullying and harassment to incorporate changes from “David’s Law,” and addition of information regarding HISD’s policies around Equal Educational Opportunity for Students with Sensory Impairments.

F.3 Renewal of Contract Charter Schools for the 2018-2019 School Year (I, L)

A school district can grant a charter to an educational entity when it submits a petition to the local Board and when there is a letter of agreement between the local district and the petitioners.

These contract charter schools are requesting negotiation of their agreements: Energized for Excellence Academy; Energized for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Academy Southeast and Southwest campuses; Inspired for Excellence Academy; Mount Carmel Academy; Texas Connections Academy; TSU Charter School; Young Learners Charter School; Young Scholars Academy for Excellence. The Board must authorize the superintendent to negotiate renewal agreements with HISD contract charter schools.

I.1 Vendor Awards for Purchases over $100,000 (S, L)

The Board needs to approve vendor awards greater than $100,000 and ratify vendor awards under $100,000.

Vendors: Aaron Martin; Adjustable Tuba Stand; AKK Services; Alley Theater; Amati Violin Shop; American Festival for the Arts; Augusta Sportswear Holdings; Blick Art Materials; Cochran and Cochran Ent.; Da Camera Society of Texas; Digital Theatre; ER Fleming Enterprises; Expressions Productions; Greater Houston Foundation; Guitar Center Stores; Houston Grand Opera; Houston Metropolitan Dance Center; Latonya Thorns-Dearman; Leapin Leotards; Lisle Violin Shop; Millersville University of Pennsylvania; Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts; Music in Motion; Norcostco; Pender’s Music Company; Peripole; Prelude Music Foundation; Quantum Bass Center; Royal LCS; School Specialty; Texas A&M University; The Artist Boat; The Clavier Group; The Histrionix Company; Theatre Under The Stars; Wenger Corporation; West Music Company; Young Audiences of Houston; Disaster Recovery Services; Universal Fidelity Life Insurance Company; Labyrinth Solutions; Cannon Cochran Management Services; Golf Cars of Houston; American Institutes for Research; Career Key; Century Air Conditioning Supply; Certiport; Kaplan; Naviance; Ring Publication; MasteryPrep; Shmoop University; SKL Enterprises; Strivven Media; The Histrionics Company; Vista School Resources; Xello; 22nd Century Technologies; 4W Solutions; Digital Intelligencer Systems; ICON Information Consultants; iService Global; iSphere Innovation Partners; Luna Data Solutions; Meridian Partners; Net Matrix Solutions; Pinnacle Technical Resources; PTG; Ritek Solutions; Robert Half International; Spearhead Group; The Peloton Group; VDART; Phoenix Consulting; SAP; Communities in Schools of Houston; Fire & Life safety America; CLS Fire Protection; Microsoft Corporation; Schoolwires; Educational Advanced; BrightBytes; Motio; STS Brand; Business Imaging Systems; Revolution Data Systems; Brown & Root Industrial Services; Jamail & Smith Construction; Dura Pier Facilities Services; Westco Ventures; JR Thomas Group; IBM; SHI Government Solutions; Pinnacle Medical Management; LP Printing; Texas Litho; Thomas Printworks; Bauer Sport Floors; Jelco; NAH Sports Flooring; PTI Sports & Recreation; Z Floor; John Deere; Justin Seed; MasterTurf; Pioneer Manufacturing; Sports Field Solutions; The Grasshopper Company; Thomas Turfgrass; Winfield

I.2 2018-2019 Resource Allocation Handbook (School-Based Budget) (I, L, E, S)

The Board must approve the 2018-2019 Resource Allocation Handbook. HISD uses a weighted student resource allocation formula to fund campus budgets. Here are the major components of the formula:
Grade-Level Units

  • This is calculated by multiplying the number of students enrolled in each grade level by the Average Daily Attendance percentage for the campus.

Special Population Units

  • State Compensatory Education weight is 0.15. (These units are determined by 50% economically disadvantaged students and 50% at-risk students.)
  • Special Education weight is 0.15
  • Gifted and Talented weight is 0.12
  • Career and Technology weight is 0.35
  • English Language Learners weight is 0.10
  • Homeless weight is 0.05
  • Refugee weight is 0.05

Small School Subsidy

  • The per-student subsidy will increase from $850 to $2,100 for schools with enrollments over 300 but under the threshold set in the handbook.
  • The per-student subsidy will decrease to $1,500 for schools with enrollments under 300.

Other Funding

  • High school campuses will receive $170 per-unit allocation for the High-School Allotment
  • All campuses will receive $10 per student for capital outlay.

Other agenda items to be voted on during the meeting:

  • (B.1) The Board must approve the appointments of representatives to the board of directors to tax increment reinvestment zones with the City of Houston.
  • (B.2) The Board must adopt a resolution on support for honoring César Chávez and Dolores Huerta through a student holiday and a day of community service HISD schools.
  • (E.1) The Board must approve contracts with eight Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved professional service providers (PSPs) for service to HISD campuses designated at Improvement Required (IR), Targeted, and Comprehensive Support Schools during the 2018-2019 school year.
  • (E.2) The Board must approve the renewal of a contract between Westbury High School and Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults for continuation the Community Youth Services Program.
  • (F.2) The Board must approve waivers from local board policy, submission to the TEA of requests for waivers from state policy, and submission to the TEA of waivers for low attendance days and missed instructional days.
  • (F.4) The Board must authorize the superintendent to negotiate a contract between The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and HISD.
  • (I.3) The Board must approve the resolution and ordinance adopting residence homestead exemptions for individuals living in HISD for tax year 2018.
  • (I.4) The Board must adopt the resolution approving the Debt Management Policy. The intent behind this policy is to improve the quality of decisions and provide justification for the structure of debt issuance.
  • (I.5) The Board must authorize year-end encumbrances and fund commitments from fiscal year 2017-2018 to be carried forward and re-appropriated for fiscal year 2018-2019.
  • (I.6) The Board must approve the Year-End Budget Amendment reflecting fiscal adjustments to estimated revenues and appropriations for fiscal year 2017-2018.
  • (I.7) The Board must approve the recommended 2018-2019 budgets for Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Carl Perkins, and Idea-B grant funds and submit the 2018-2019 Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated Federal Grant Application and other federal program applications to the TEA.
  • (J.1) The Board must approve a donation from the HISD Foundation on behalf of Noble Energy to emphasize the arts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at Energy Institute High School.
  • (J.2) The Board must approve a donation from the HISD Foundation for the 2018 Together with Tech Student Conference.