Special Meeting Breakdown: Partnerships and Policy

On Thursday, August 18, 2022, the HISD Board will meet for a special meeting to vote on proposed policy changes. Included in these changes is an update to the Board’s current Partnership Charter policy to increase parent and family involvement in the process of determining if a partnership with another organization is right for a particular campus and community.

The overall policy outlines the procedures for the district partnering with a university, non-profit, or charter organization for an innovation or turnaround partnership as outlined by state law. These types of partnerships are eligible for additional funding from the state. The proposed changes would allow parents and guardians of 60% of students on a given campus to veto a potential partnership suggested by the administration or petition to have a specific partnership on their campus.

The policy also delegates authority to approve charters from the Board to the Superintendent but strengthens the vetting process for potential partners. Applications require academic, governance, financial, and parent satisfaction goals and would be evaluated by a committee established by the district and based on an assessment rubric created by the administration. The Board would still have the authority to oversee partners through terminations and renewals.

The remaining changes have been recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to comply with changes in the law or district administration to update outdated policies or clarify district practice. Generally, these types of policy updates are routine. However, given the significant changes, the Board has proposed and public discussions concerning the partnership policy, we wanted to provide a quick overview of that item. The full language is available in the Board’s agenda packet at item K.46.