What SHOULD be Happening

The 2019-2020 school year begins in just a matter of days, and the Houston ISD School Board will hold their first official business meeting of the year on August 8, 2019. Given the continuous turmoil at the board table and the difficultly the board seems to have with focusing their public conversations on student outcome goals, we felt it would be a good idea to offer suggestions of items that the board could be discussing at this point in the year. It is our hope that trustees take note of the work they could be doing now and avoid the distractions and political rhetoric that so often claim too much of their time and energy.

  1. Last June, the Houston ISD Board of Education had to convene for a last-minute special meeting to pass a budget for the 2019-2020 school year.  In order to prevent another last-minute budget vote next summer, the HISD Board needs collaboratively and collectively set its budget priorities so the administration can create a budget proposal based on those priorities.  The HISD school board needs to map out their priorities and the process for creating the budget based on the LBB analysis of the various programs that were implemented last year. 
  2. The HISD Board is under investigation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) on alleged violations of the Texas Opens Meeting Act and procurement violations.  In June 2019, the HISD Board decided to take legal action against the TEA and is using taxpayer’s dollars from an unassigned fund, running HISD into a deeper deficit budget, to pay for their lawyers.  Trustees should cooperate with request from the TEA, stop asking for extensions, and terminate their legal actions delaying the TEA’s report of the investigation to the public.  Here is a link to a petition asking the Board to do so.