Lessons in Leadership From Our Friends to the North

September 10, 2018

This post is particularly difficult to write because it requires acknowledging the hard work and innovation that has spurred significant school system improvement in… Dallas. The second largest school district in Texas, Dallas ISD, has just reported that current student enrollment has passed projections for the year – marking a reversal in the trend of declining student numbers.

This downward trend has not been unique to Dallas, however. Houston ISD has seen the same problem in recent years, and nothing illustrates the detrimental effects of low enrollment more than the financial situation created by the state’s recapture school finance laws. The broken school finance system does indeed squeeze resources out of large, urban districts, and that squeeze is only made worse as fewer students stay in the district.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the notorious difficulties in changing things at the state level, district leaders in Dallas have set clear budgeting priorities and supported a number of initiatives focused on improving student outcomes. The results from the TEA this summer indicate substantial academic growth, and Dallas parents are now voting with their feet.

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