What We Do

Our Challenge

Forbes magazine recently called Houston, Texas, “America’s next great global city.” There’s no doubt that we live in a large, diverse city full of many opportunities. Despite these opportunities, however, Houston still struggles to meet the educational needs of its children. As of 2015, only about 15% of Houston’s public school students met college readiness standards, and fewer than 1 in 4 completed any kind of postsecondary education or training. Every student deserves access to a high-quality public education that will prepare them for the demands of a global economy.

We need school districts that prepare all children for future success. Strong school districts require great leadership. In the Houston area, as in many other communities across the U.S., elected school boards play a major role in providing opportunities for student success. Yet many school board members in our city are not demonstrating the type of leadership that has been shown to improve outcomes for all children. Our students – and taxpayers – deserve much better.

Our Strategy

If the voting public knows exactly what is expected of school board members and how well they are doing, then school districts will operate more effectively. We will carry out our mission through three core strategies:

    1. Educating the public about what it means to be an effective school board member;
    1. Rating existing school board members on their effectiveness;
  1. Endorsing school board candidates who demonstrate the ability to be great district leaders.

Our Expectations

When public school boards are operating effectively, we expect to see the following:

    • Attention and resources focused on kids
    • Limited waste of resources
    • Increased student achievement
  • Higher levels of college & career readiness