Ratings for the Meeting on February 14th

While the agenda for the February meeting of the Houston ISD school board included a self-regulating measure to increase the amount of time spent on student outcomes, trustees remain deeply divided on the issue of the interim superintendent. Although only a few trustees will publicly acknowledge it, the division is very obviously marked along the lines of race. It is true that one of the primary responsibilities of a school board is to hire a (permanent) superintendent, but it is also true that the instability and incredibly precarious situation that the district finds itself in sits squarely at the feet of this board. Despite the stated commitment to unity offered to the public in October, it is clear that several members of the board have little interest in finding common ground. This is evidenced as much by their conduct outside of the board room as it is at the dais. Fires in both black and Latino affinity groups continue to be stoked by the very board members who promised to work with – and not against – one another. Once again, the conduct of the entire body makes it difficult to distinguish among trustees. We can only hope that they find a way to re-focus on moving students forward.