On Thursday, the Houston ISD Board met for its monthly public meeting.  Missing from the agenda was the partnership plan for the 10 Improvement Required (IR) schools.  Under Senate Bill (SB) 1882, school districts that are under threat of state takeover may pursue partnerships with state-authorized open-enrollment charter schools or other entities, such as nonprofits and institutions of higher learning, to operate a district campus.  District administrators have indicated that they will pursue some kind of partnership for all 10 schools, but with just 2 weeks remaining, potential partners have not been named.  Due date is APRIL 30.  Another item missing from the agenda was the proposal to contract an external performance audit of the budget. However, during the trustee updates, we learned that the audit committee hopes to have an agenda item devoted to the external performance audit at the May board meeting. We continue to hold all of the trustees accountable for the lack of a performance audit.  This audit is critical to the health of our district and we must ensure that HISD is in the best financial position possible to serve our students.