Ratings for the Meeting on April 11th

Last Thursday, the Houston ISD Board of Education met for its April public meeting. The meeting agenda included several items, including approval of several vendor contracts and the potential closure of High School Ahead. Notably, approval of the 2019-2020 Resource Allocation Handbook (campus funding) was postponed. We expect to see this item on the May or June agenda. Unfortunately, the board continues to struggle with establishing its own policy measures, and trustees have not yet agreed on a commitment to spend at least 50% of their meeting time on student outcomes. Given the continued struggle of the entire board to stay focused on student issues, the repeated delays in passing substantive policies, the number of trustee absences and abstentions, and the difficulty distinguishing individual actions from broader board dysfunction, we have decided to provide a general overview of the votes in place of our traditional Report Cards this month. As it stands, the entire board struggles to consistently demonstrate the principles of good governance. We hope trustees are able to collaborate on creating policies that – at a minimum – will refocus the board on student outcomes.

To learn more about our grading system, see our Mission and Core Values page, as well as our Grading Rubric.