Our Mission

The mission of Houstonians for Great Public Schools (HoustonGPS) is to increase public understanding of the roles and responsibilities of school board members and to hold members accountable for high performance.

Our Core Values

In addition to being the criteria by which we evaluate current School Board trustees and assess the potential of School Board candidates, the following characteristics also form the core values of our organization. To learn more about how we use these core values to evaluate the trustees, take a look at our grading rubric.


Set clear goals, and measure progress. Ask questions. Use relevant, time-appropriate data. Always keep learning.

Strong leaders are driven by clear goals for student outcomes. We use data to measure progress toward community educational goals to determine the effectiveness of our leaders and share that progress with the Houston community to ensure full transparency.


Work with everyone. Respect the team. Honor differences. Commit to the vision and goals of the district. Trust others’ abilities.

The diverse and changing needs of our children will only be met when we recognize and build on the assets of every community in this city and work together to empower all families and create the best opportunities for kids.


Respect the oath. Be a trustee and a delegate. Be transparent. Manage finances with prudence and integrity.

Our children are this community’s most precious resource. We are committed to consistently acting on their behalf and in their best interest. We believe that the adults in this community are responsible for allocating resources in a way that will improve outcomes for kids.


Recognize the needs of different populations. Demonstrate a commitment to justice. Acknowledge blind spots. Serve All.

We recognize the ways that our school system has failed too many children, particularly those who come from historically marginalized communities, and we commit to providing ALL children with the resources they need to be successful.


Respond to the needs of constituents and the entire school district. Recognize the scope of the office. Choose to govern, not manage.

We cultivate and support both seasoned and emerging leaders who are dedicated to public education.