WE DID IT! On August 24, 2017, we asked every candidate for the HISD school board if, upon being elected, they would approve a comprehensive performance audit of the budget (and all of the staffing and programing funded by it). They all said yes. Last Thursday, six trustees demonstrated their commitment to stewardship by APPROVING the performance audit! The last comprehensive review of the district’s expenditures occurred over 20 years ago.

While the approval of a performance audit is a step in the right direction, the 6-3 vote on this prudent and cost-saving measure was just one way that the board demonstrated how fractured it is right now. The last-minute addition of several agenda items and the general demeanor of the trustees throughout the meeting indicated that the board continues to struggle with the principals of good governance. Nothing has made this clearer than the fact that a budget for the 2018-2019 school year has not yet been secured. Thursday’s vote on the budget ended in a 4 (in favor) to 5 (against) split. It looks like the board will once again push the vote to the final days before the June 30th deadline. We expect to see trustees call a special meeting during the last week of this month. We will update you once the meeting has been announced.

Despite these troubles, there were a few bright spots last Thursday. Check out the trustee report cards and find out about several key votes by clicking below.

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