How to Become a Member

At Houston GPS, we believe great school boards drive student success. We’re working to increase public understanding of the roles and responsibilities of school board members and to hold members accountable for student outcomes. Take the next step and become a card-carrying member of Houston GPS.

Your membership helps us educate the public about school board activities and empower parents and citizens with meaningful opportunities to participate. We engage our local community in conversations about the importance of having a high-quality school board and train community members to be advocates for our kids.

As a member you also support our research into how the best school boards operate and how their actions impact student success. Through our newsletter, the GPS Navigator, and other regular publications, we hold our elected district leaders accountable for student outcomes and keep you informed. Can you take the next step and become a card-carrying member of Houston GPS today?

Why Join With Us?

Benefits of being a member include:

  • Access to our research and resources. (Coming soon!)
  • Bi-weekly newsletters with a description of all agenda times and a report card on how school board trustees are governing.
  • Monthly debrief breakfasts of HISD school board meetings.
  • Engaging with the Houston GPS community – people who are passionate about providing all students with an excellent education and believe that student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change.
  • Eligibility to vote in the school board trustee endorsement. Unfortunately, our endorsement for the 2019 school board election has passed, but our next endorsement is set to occur fall 2021. For information on who we endorsed, please click here.

Membership: $10

Our membership program follows the school year, so your membership is set to expire 5/31/2020. Houstonians for Great Public Schools is a 501c(4) non-profit organization. Donations are not tax- deductible.