District VI

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District VI Quick Facts:

  • Total Students: 21,486
  • Percentage of HISD Students in District (2017-2018): 10.1%
  • Neighborhoods Served: Briarforest, Chinatown, Sharpstown, and Westchase
  • Total Schools: 21
  • Number of IR Campuses (2018-2019): 1*
  • Current Trustee: Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca Ocampo
  • Next Election: 2021

*Includes campuses that did not meet state standards, but are not labeled IR due to a Hurricane Harvey waiver.

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Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca Ocampo

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca Ocampo has been the District VI trustee since January 2017, and will be up for election in 2021. Holly is the board’s current Assistant Secretary. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in both Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Sports Management and Communications. She earned her master’s degree from Columbia University in Social-Organizational Psychology.

Holly is an alumnae of the Teach for America, where she served as a bilingual pre-k teacher. She worked as an early-childhood teacher in both public and charter schools. Holly later worked in educational consulting in various school districts around the nation. To learn more about Holly, visit the HISD Board website.

As part of Houston GPS’s work in advocating for effective school board governance, we attend each school board meeting and grade the trustees on our five core values: impact, collaboration, stewardship, equity, and leadership. See our rating chart for Holly Maria Flynn Vileseca Ocampo below to see her ratings over time or view her semester report cards for Fall 2017 and  Spring 2018. To learn more about our ratings, see our Mission and Core Values and our grading rubric.

Email Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca Ocampo at [email protected].

Elementary Schools:

  • Ashford
  • Askew
  • Bell
  • Bonham
  • Bush
  • Daily
  • Emerson
  • Neff
  • Neff ECC
  • Piney Point
  • Shadowbriar
  • Valley West
  • Walnut Bend
  • White, E.
  • Young Learners

Middle Schools:

  • Revere
  • Sharpstown International (6-12)
  • Sugar Grove
  • West Briar

High Schools: 

  • Sharpstown
  • Westside

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