Three Weeks Until Election Day

Three Weeks Until Election Day

October 16, 2017

The 2017 Houston ISD School Board election is now only 3 weeks away. We have exactly 21 days to ensure that our board is made up of collaborative, focused adults who will manage the district’s resources prudently while still ensuring that students are set up for success. Given our current budget deficit and the threat of a district takeover by the State, our participation in this election is more important than ever. We, at Houston GPS, are fully devoted to increasing public understanding of the specific responsibilities of school board members and continuing to hold board members accountable once they’re in office.

We must make sure that our schools are consistently providing children with the best education possible. For too long, we’ve let hyper-divisive issues create empty alliances that only serve to perpetuate gridlock. If we are going to forge a system in which teachers are not tethered to state tests and are able to operate as the knowledgeable professionals they are and in which parents have a robust set of excellent public school options in their own communities, then we need adults who will talk to each other, research together, recognize that their preconceived notions may be flawed, and bring many ideas to the table in search of solutions for our children and our city.

The time to act is now. In addition to voting, you can get involved by donating to qualified candidates, volunteering for campaigns, and attending monthly school board meetings.

Early voting begins October 23rd! Our children need you now more than ever. If you are a registered voter in Harris County, go to to find your sample ballot, and click here to see our non-partisan candidate descriptions and to find out who we’ve decided to endorse in this election.

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