Every Election is Important

Every Election is Important

September 9, 2017

Every election is important, but when it comes to this year’s election, your voice and vote will be more important than ever. In addition to caring about our children’s education and how our tax dollars are being spent in the largest school district in Texas, this year, we should also be concerned about how Houston ISD will recover from Harvey. Considering the extensive damage sustained by several schools, we must recognize that next school board will play a major role in rebuilding our district. Now is not the time to shy away from the political process.

This November, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) will have six trustee seats on the ballot. Three of the six races that are up for a vote will not have a returning trustee seeking re-election. This means there are new faces, new backgrounds, and new information to be learned about the individuals seeking office. However, with all of these seats open, only a few lucky voters will get to decide who will serve on the board and direct the focus of HISD. Why only a few? Because traditionally, nine percent of eligible voters participate in school board elections. That’s it. Yet with a district of over 215,000 students and a budget of nearly $2 billion dollars, paying attention to this election and these races will be important for every voter within HISD’s boundaries. The stakes are high, and your voice is powerful. Now is the time to get engaged and learn what district you reside in, who represents you, and the candidates who are running.

The HISD school board has nine trustees, and members serve staggered four-year terms. This year, District I, District V, District VI, District VII, and District IX are scheduled for regular election. The unexpected passing of District III Trustee Manny Rodriguez earlier this summer left a vacancy on the board, which will be filled by a special election.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it is hard to remember or keep up with yet another elected position. For a list of the individuals currently running in each district, please visit our website.

It is important to gain the valuable information you need to know to make an informed decision this coming November. The students and families of HISD need your attention to be focused on these races to make the school district the best it can be. Our children and our city deserve nothing less.

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